18 thoughts on “Act 18: Invasion -SAILOR VENUS-”

  1. Fuck Crystal. I thinked that second season will should be different (animation) that first. Is the same shit.

  2. Did they really not change the comically oversized transformation wand for Venus in this episode? I think this episode should’ve had a lot more work done to it but whatever toei

    1. They’re disproportionately sized throughout the entire series, tbh. it’s extremely aggravating. I’d legit prefer the stock footage of yester-year compared to this mess.

    1. Act 18 was better animated than 17, cause it was done with a better team. Act 17 was Wanpak (the worst of the animation teams in Crystal), which was why there’s 94 changes (2 of those were motion).

      1. Act 17 was done by the same studio which animated Act.9 (i.e. not Wanpack), hence why there are so many off model shots and overbites. They did a good job cleaning it up.

  3. They didn’t do much at all. The character designs look crappy here when compared to the act 17 edits

  4. After looking at the fixed in Act.17, I thought ‘wow, it is good’ because of the artwork improving . When comes to Act.18, I want to say ‘Oh no no no no no no no no no no no noooooo’. OMG C’mon! Sailor Moon fans paid a lot of money to show their love & support to Sailor Moon Crystal, I think you need to respect them by giving us a real good movie, not this kind of….I will try to be nice by not saying a bad word. Work harder please… Don’t be lazy!Toei, you need to work b*tch! You don’t even try!

    1. Different animation teams = different outcomes. Act 17 was Wanpak, and it was bad before Phils fixed it. Act 18 had a better animation team than 17, and I checked every part of the episode. It was mostly-matched, except for those 16 changes.

      1. Really? Act 17 had far superior animation and the movements were fluid and less boxy as per act 18. I think a lot of people enjoyed act 17 for the more involved set pieces, better frame rates, and overall point of execution. Jupiter finally had a decently drawn attack thanks to act 17.

      2. I’m curious…

        Would you be able to list which animation teams worked on each episodes and which ones fixed them? Or would that be a lot of work? lol

        If not that’s okay too…

    2. I totally agree! I feel like they are joking with the fans. How could Toei think we could accept this epic fail!!!

  5. Serously? This Blu-ray will be a piece of shit! No one of the necessary changes will be done. I’m just too disappointed and I don’t wanna buy this low quality sub-product. TOEI ruins my chilhood dream, TOEI sucks a lot!

  6. Toei is like an aunt who gives you NutraSweet cookies. Sure, they are cookies, but they could be a lot better if they used actual good ingredients.

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