10 thoughts on “Act 27: Infinity 1, PREMONITION – The Second Part”

  1. Those are in-between frames that help give dynamism to the whole movement and they’re so taken out of context.

    I’m so glad they didn’t change anything.

  2. Bull to the SHIT….they needed tonfix the deroy frame when sailor mars was in the air lookin like slenderman, they needed to fix the witches 5, mimete’s hair, cyprine’s bun and braid, and eudial’s derpy face…tsk damn

  3. I wish they could have continued the character design of Season 3 similar with the first two seasons and improved the animation and made it more fluid. I just want to see the remake of the animation on the manga’s point of view in terms of the character design and story line. I was hoping that when they changed the animators of Season 3 and made it look similar with the 90’s character design it would have a better animation but still there are some distortion with the characters and at times I see that the scenes were roughly drawn with less of the key animators input.

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