Sailor Moon (classic) – Season 1 Bluray set

With the upcoming first season set, which will be Bluray only, I managed to grab the set before street date via RightStuf. The set is a VAST improvement over the 2014 sets which Viz initially released, that included a slew of ghosting issues, as well as oversaturation and pixilation. But, this new release addresses those problems and so much more.

Therefore, the site has a long-awaited update to compare Viz’s releases of the classic anime, and get this thing back on the road!

Let’s get to them!

REMEMBER: This is a small sample of the shots that were fixed. But majority of issues were addressed for this release.

Viz Media, 2014

I will make more updates as it comes.

One thought on “Sailor Moon (classic) – Season 1 Bluray set”

  1. That’s due to the fact that the original Sailor Moon series was originally animated on film then transferred to digital videotape in post-production. We can’t get Sailor Moon any better than 4K, if Viz Media happens to acquire the original film negatives! (Likely not going to happen due to constraints.)

    If you want to learn more, I suggest you watch the Technology Connections video on motion picture film here: (He also mentions about Star Trek Voyager, and the 4k remaster of the Wham music video from the original film prints.)

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