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SM Crystal News: Viz will be using the BD Masters! *UPDATE*

Today, Viz Media had a couple panels at Anime Boston–the Sailor Moon panel, and the Viz Media panel. The long-awaited dub for Crystal is happening, and more to the point of this post: Viz Media will be using the BluRay Masters of Sailor Moon Crystal! Here’s the confirmation tweet, straight from Viz’s Sailor Moon twitter account:

So, good news has come at last, and it’s safe to say that whatever the BluRay changes are, in upcoming releases from Japan, that’s what we’ll expect, when Viz bring them out! Kudos, Viz Media and the Sailor Moon team! 😉 Stay tuned, next Wednesday or Thursday, when we’ll go through Acts 13 & 14, from Volume 7’s release…and we’ll see if they fixed the “Queen Serenity in Princess’ dress” gaffe.

UPDATE 4/4/15

From the Viz Media panel, one of the Q&A questions was answered, regarding Crystal’s dubbing:

Hopefully, this means we get a much better script, than Toei did.

Madman refused Viz’s remasters, to do their own! Not good, Viz!

This is some news to share, but Australian Anime Distributor, Madman Entertainment, addressed the situation, involving releasing the remastering of the classic 90s Sailor Moon. Here’s what they have to say… Continue reading Madman refused Viz’s remasters, to do their own! Not good, Viz!

We broke the internet…not really! XD

Since Acts 7 & 8 were posted, the site capped bandwidth of the Deimos Project, which this site is hosted on. This is the actual tweet…

And today, Elly & Dan, of Miss Dream, contacted me, to have this site be an affiliated site. At the footer of every page, it says it all. I cannot be more grateful to be part of them.

It is all thanks to you people, who checked it out, and saw what the BluRay/Home Video version did to the episodes. It, literately, tested the bandwidth with great force.

I, along with the crew at Miss Dream and Deimos Project, cannot be any happier than seeing great numbers for the site.

Thank you, and I’ll continue to bring you the comparison pics, every month!

That, I will promise. 😀

We’re on Kotaku!

From a little project, that started on twitter/tumblr, a couple months ago, to something much more. And it’s all thanks to you…the fans.

I’ve seen the fixed derped-Usagi face shots being re-tweeted on twitter or reblogged on tumblr, and wanted to thank you all for posting them, showing the world that the animation–Toei, in particular–does make the series better on home video.

And now, we made news on Kotaku!

A special thanks to Patricia Hernandez, for posting this, and @meowrobot, for referring me to her…with the pics, of course. 😛

You can check out the story here.