Act 17: Secret -SAILOR JUPITER-

This episode contains 94 still changes, and 3 motion changes.

NOTE: Before getting into it, if you want to see if Toei fixed the animation for the Moon Princess Halation, I’m afraid I got some bad news:

9 thoughts on “Act 17: Secret -SAILOR JUPITER-”

  1. Yay it looks a lot better now, I’m happy with everything but the Moon princess halation scene

  2. This episode was so tragic, 95 changes later… Moon Princess Halation is still using the wrong clip, Sparking Wide Pressure still looks like it was drawn by a 6 year-old, the candy falling out of that machine still fall out of thin air. Smh Toei…

  3. OMG what the hell did they do to poor Asanuma’s face in that close up…it’s WAY WORSE. Well other than that I’m pretty pleased although it’s a little sad to see Jupiter’s dirty hentai faces fixed lol

  4. The easiest fix ever and they didn’t do it…all they had to do was switch out stock footage!

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