4 thoughts on “Act 28: Infinity 2 – RIPPLES”

  1. This is a completely SHAME. This episode has a few frames with a terrible appearance (5 or 6 at least). It’s not much, but that deserves to be fixed. I repeat: SHAME.

  2. so basically all of the blu rays gonna have zero changes…jesus act 31,33,34,and 37 are gonna remain the same? omg act 37 was the worst I seriously hated that episode and the scrn where the witches 5 are resurrected…ugh horrible frames all over the place

  3. it looks like they chose a kind of derpy art style so they didn’t bother any fixes anymore. no fan complains and no need fixes. good strategy TOEİ!

  4. Zero changes? Lol. Well, the quality has improved a lot but it still isn’t perfect, just look at Ami’s face in this entry image, it looks terrible, her mouth is really weird. At least, they fixed derp faces in Season 1 & 2.

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