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Where’s The Comparisons?

This was asked numerous times on here, and on twitter. So, let’s lay it all down and give you guys the full scoop and status on Season 3’s comparisons.

When the first volume of season three came out, we hoped there be come changes. But, after scanning the first 4 episodes, and learned about the second volume’s lack of changes from a post in a certain forum, it became pretty clear on what was going on.

Why I haven’t done any after Act 29 is…well, why bother?

I thought there’d be at least one change in ANY episode…just ANY would do. But, the lack of such came to the obvious solution: Toei was more prepared than before. When the first 26 episodes started airing on a 2-episode-per-month schedule, the third-party animators that Toei assigned actually finished episodes just weeks before they air on the net, which was the reason behind so many wonky frames from episodes 2 to 26. After Sakai left and Chiaki Kon took over, the scheduling for making episodes was re-arranged and more prepared. This was proven, if I can find it, by seeing that one of the third-party animation studios Toei hired finished one episode months before it aired.

Finishing an episode months in advance was the big change in how Crystal was animated, considering how Toei treats their properties. If something was finished ahead of time, chances of changes happening are slim-to-none.

So, if you’re looking to see more comparisons…I’m afraid the chances of seeing those are pretty low, at this time.

Keep your expectations on this low, cause Toei may of 1-upped on me, and knew what was going on, to prevent me from comparing anything. But, don’t pull out those pitchforks and demand Toei to change stuff, cause it’s already on home video in Japan, and we’re going to get that versions down the road. We may be lucky, if Toei pulls a rabbit out of the hat and changes a few, but it’s not to be expected.

I did all I can here. I hope you guys understand my position. If anyone asks “Where’s the comparisons for Act ___ ?”, this is your answer.

Stop complaining and think about the bigger picture!

The past month as been hectic.

While Viz’s first release of Sailor Moon rolled out, with Right Stuf shipping 11 pallets full of them, it left some fans disappointed. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were the minority, who saw it…in a technical stand point. Majority of you wouldn’t understand what they meant by Viz “using BetaCams” and whatnot. Heck, I’m a computer geek, sitting on my desk, watching news scroll by with a single tweet, enjoying every piece of Sailor Moon news, whether it’s a new figure or any merchandise that comes out of the woodwork. But, when I see some people point the problems with a  bunch of screencaps, I sometimes cringe and ask “Why?” Continue reading Stop complaining and think about the bigger picture!