Volume 10 has arrived! Pics inside!


The 10th volume, with Sailor Pluto on the cover, is out, and I got pics from the set, and what it looks like!

These, I tweeted, showing what it looks like inside…

Comparisons will start tonight…but won’t be done until tomorrow night. Work and real life stuff going on, this week. T_T

6 thoughts on “Volume 10 has arrived! Pics inside!”

  1. I noticed that sometimes the picture you use for a top header image of “Comparison Pics” page is not from BD-version of particular episode, but from Web-version instead. Is it intentional or by a mistake? Because I always got a feeling that top header’s images should be taken strictly from BD-versions of episodes.

    I will post BD-version screencaps (taken from your site) for those headers which are currently have Web-version pictures.

    “Episode 3” has a Web-version header, but I don’t have a BD-picture of that scene, sorry.

    Sorry for bothering you over such a small matter (and my English skills) ^^

    1. I didn’t want to spoil what it looks like in BD, as a header, so it’s intentional to use the Web version pics.

  2. Hi! I was wondering, would you guys ever consider scanning those booklets that come with the BDs? I would love you if you did! I’m dying to see that artwork in high definition.

    1. There is already a site for such material. Just go to my sister site, Miss Dream, here, and you can view or download the scans. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, only the first five booklets are available. Do you know if Miss Dream is planning to scan the rest?

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