9 thoughts on “Act 29: Infinity 3 – TWO NEW SOLDIERS”

  1. toei why do you disappoint us so… I’m just gonna say it…that big ass star on mimete’s forehead wtf was that

  2. this zero changes proves one thing. TOEi changed art style for own advantages not for negative fan reactions. they saved themselves all these annoying fan complaint. fans caused bad headaches during 1 and 2 seasons so they don’t want to endure this anymore.

    1. Assume that, if you want. But the change of direction was the reason for the change of art style. I’d rather have Kon directing the series than Sakai. Looking back, it took them 3 months after the first month’s airing of the first 2 seasons, after a year long delay, under Kon’s direction, and still manage to mess up in certain areas. This season, it took them 2 months, and much more preparation.

      Like it or not, Kon doesn’t delay the work, and still mess it up when it aired.

  3. This continues the trend of Sailormoon not being given the treatment it deserves.

    This trend started in the 90’s and it shows no signs of stopping.

    So, while disappointing, I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all.

  4. I wish it would follow making improvements to the bluray version, which even better than the previous animation, should add more details

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