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Pre-order Update (12/18/15)

Another volume has been pre-ordered!

Volume 9 is bought for (having me pay $70.80, since Paypal’s currency exchange updates weekly…which started pretty bad, and it’s currently under $69 per yen, today. BAD PAYPAL!)

Anyway, we’re now covered until June, 2015! YAY! 😀

I get paid tomorrow, so I’ll wait until next Tuesday, to pre-order Volume 10, since the USD-to-YEN exchange is going up…and PayPal doesn’t update their rate until then!


Pre-ordering Update (12/1/14)

Just a quick update, from last post…and to kick off the new month!

I went and pre-ordered the BluRay Limited Edition Volume 6! We’re now covered until Volume 6’s release of March 11, 2015! I thought I’d show you the receipt, showing that I dived in to get it covered!

P.S. The CDJapan “Double Points” promotion is still running until December 10th at 11:59:59pm Japan Time…meaning  a second before 10a ET/9a CT/8a MT/7a PT, that morning!


Pre-ordering Update with CDJapan Promotion (11/27/14)

Today, I went and pre-ordered a couple more volumes of Sailor Moon Crystal, Volumes 4 & 5, along with the 2-disc original soundtrack of the series! It’s all done via CDJapan, which is currently having their own promotion, which’ll end on December 10th.

Through CDJapan, if you order/pre-order anything, you get double points! You’ll get 500 more points, if you use their Paypal Billing Agreement, to pay for them (NOTE: you must have a CDJapan account, and agree to use Paypal’s Billing Agreement).

Anyway, here’s the invoices of what I pre-ordered! We’re good through February…maybe longer, if I’m willing to preorder more, with this promotion.