Volume 13 is here!


The final volume of Crystal–for now–is here! And got pics and vids…that’s right, videos–to show you!

Unboxing, Part 1

Unboxing, Part 2

And the poster it came with:

Comparisons are coming later! Stay tuned! 😉

3 thoughts on “Volume 13 is here!”

  1. I have a quick question! Since we already cut all the mini tabs from the paper to stick on application card, do we also include all the 12 papers that were cut to mail to CD Japan? Or just send that one application card with all the tabs that we stuck together? Sorry for the bother haha I asked CD Japan about this, but they didn’t really answer my question. Just making sure I send everything that’s required from them. Don’t wanna make a mistake :/

    1. Just the one application card with the tabs stuck on it. They should’ve also sent you an email with a write-in sheet that you print off and put it in with the card, and where to send them to. 🙂

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