Next Month’s Plans

As you are aware, next month marks the final volume’s release, which is on October 7th.  As for what happens after the comparisons for Acts 25 & 26, I got some awesome news to share!

To keep rolling with the comparisons, I plan to go back to the first 2 volumes, and redo Acts 1 thru 4.

That’s right!

We’re going back and redo the comparisons for those episodes, including the infamous Act 2 mess, that took me hours to snap hundreds of pics. The good news out of that is I plan to reduce the amount, since most are repetitive, except for the mouths.

Right now, you can view how I compared the episodes, before I renovate them to a mouseover-type pages, later next month.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

October will be crazy, but I’ll be busy with Volume 13’s comaprisons…as well as going back to redo the first 2 volumes!

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    1. I did, but there is a reason. I was reading that volume 2 did no changes, like the first volume…so, what’s the point, at this time?

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