Pics of Volume 7, and what’s inside!

I just received Volume 7 of Crystal, and this box is a beauty, of it’s own!

The Serenity Spine design, all over the sides
In the box
Back of disc case
Inside disc case
Charm, which is the Cutie Moon Rod
Princess Serenity art
Endymion and the Four Heavenly Kings designs
Queen Serenity, Beryl, and the Crystal Star Brooch designs
Osabu at the Crystal, Season 2, Premiere Event
Getting closer to the Special Box! 😀
And how the set looks now, with Volume 7! Getting filled up!

After the box gallery, comes the comparisons! They will come, later tonight/tomorrow!

Be ready to see the changes!

2 thoughts on “Pics of Volume 7, and what’s inside!”

  1. Will you ever consider scanning those pamphlets with the character art? The designs are GORGEOUS and I’m dying to see them in high-def!

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