Act 13: Final Battle -REINCARNATION-

This episode contains 85 still changes, and 6 motion changes.

And, the preview for Act 14 has changed!

#SailorMoonCrystal Act 14’s updated preview, from the Bluray version, Volume 7!

Posted by Fred Francis on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

12 thoughts on “Act 13: Final Battle -REINCARNATION-”

  1. OMG they have re-drawn a LOT!!
    That’s double the work, i don’t get why they don’t get it right the first time.

    Great to see these changes

    1. I liked them too. Creepy! I also liked Sailor V’s uniform from behind and Venus from the front in Act.8. I think they caved on pressure from fans on those two. This act looks much improved, overall.

  2. wow, they put a lot of effort into this episode! Hopefully they work this hard on all episodes forward

  3. The Moon Stick twirling still looks cheap and impossible to take seriously. Oh well, at least they (kinda) tried.

  4. That last frame of Sailor Moon looking up is pretty telling- it looks like the first go around, they tried *too* hard to draw her looking up, whereas in the re-draw, the image is more subtle but also more accurate. Wow.

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