SM Crystal News: Viz will be using the BD Masters! *UPDATE*

Today, Viz Media had a couple panels at Anime Boston–the Sailor Moon panel, and the Viz Media panel. The long-awaited dub for Crystal is happening, and more to the point of this post: Viz Media will be using the BluRay Masters of Sailor Moon Crystal! Here’s the confirmation tweet, straight from Viz’s Sailor Moon twitter account:

So, good news has come at last, and it’s safe to say that whatever the BluRay changes are, in upcoming releases from Japan, that’s what we’ll expect, when Viz bring them out! Kudos, Viz Media and the Sailor Moon team! 😉 Stay tuned, next Wednesday or Thursday, when we’ll go through Acts 13 & 14, from Volume 7’s release…and we’ll see if they fixed the “Queen Serenity in Princess’ dress” gaffe.

UPDATE 4/4/15

From the Viz Media panel, one of the Q&A questions was answered, regarding Crystal’s dubbing:

Hopefully, this means we get a much better script, than Toei did.

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