Act 7: Mamoru Chiba -TUXEDO MASK-

Act 7 has a collection of 69 changes, from the ONA to Home Video.

Away from image = Original Net Animation
Mouseover = Home Video/BluRay

Tap away from image/left untouched = Original Net Animation
Tap on image = Home Video/BluRay

NOTE: Give some time for all the images to load.

5 thoughts on “Act 7: Mamoru Chiba -TUXEDO MASK-”

  1. W…wait…. did they just……. draw a black sleeve on Queen Beryl’s arm in the 2nd screencap where she’s opening the door??

      1. I think that’s meant to show Beryl before she was reawakened as Beryl. She was a regular human at first who was drawn to that door in the manga.

        1. Yeah, she’s wearing sleeves in that scene (it’s her human self), but the white of the blouse came out very similar to the skin tone in that lighting, so it seems like rather than playing with the color grading, they opted to make it more obvious by just changing the palette.

  2. glad to see they fixed the back shot of Venus. I got kinda irked when they used the Sailor V costume and not the Sailor Venus costume.

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