Volume 4 has arrived! Pics galore!


Volume 4 of Sailor Moon Crystal has arrived, and I got the pics to show you what’s inside!


Take a look! 😀

Case Front
Case Back
Case Inside
Jupiter Henshin Stick Charm
Disc Case Outside
Disc Case Inside
Booklet (Makoto/Jupiter)
Booklet (Motoki/Schoolmates/Mako’s Bento Box)
Mamoru’s Watch, Usagi’s Handkerchief, DVD Store/Mamoru’s Apt/etc.
Osabu’s Adventures #4
Coupon Redemption (now w/ Vol 4)
Side view of Vol 4 w/ Vols 1 thru 3 and Poster Box

I’ll start doing comparison pics, later tonight! They will be posted within a day. Stay tuned!

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