Volume 8 is here!


The 8th volume of the Sailor Moon Crystal Bluray Limited Editions has released today, and I have one of those copies!

Most of these are on twitter, right now. But, I added one pic…just for the site, on how much longer until the Special Box!

And here’s the bonus!
Eight volumes down, five to go! ^_^

Comparisons of Acts 15 & 16 will begin tonight! Posting them either tomorrow or Friday.

4 thoughts on “Volume 8 is here!”

  1. Again, I just really want to thank you for all your hard work! You always get your bluray a day before mine arrives so it’s like tradition to come check out the site to see what it looks like hahah

  2. Hi! Thanks for all of your work! On vol 8, is the textless MOON PRIDE included with Black Moon, Pluto, etc?

    1. There is no textless OP & ED in the extras. I assume it’ll be featured in the final volume.

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