11 thoughts on “Act 26: Replay -NEVER ENDING-”

  1. I knew there wasn’t going to be a lot of changes from this act, cuz the AD uses his own style and the art is very consistent. I don’t care if anyone hates it, but I kinda dig this style of art lol
    And FINALLY! They fixed Chibiusa’s brooch!!!

  2. eh, at least the brooch was fixed this act wasn’t handled right they should have used some of the animatirs from act 25 but hopefully the new season will have a better art director ??

  3. At least we know Toei has their priorities straight, the tears not being lighter/shinier was the obvious problem with the animation the WHOLE TIME!

  4. no está mal, pero deberían dejar dibujar más a la persona o a las personas que modificaron el dibujo de usagi cuando está en la calle y cuando tiene sujeto el cetro en el parque y se le ve la cara de cerca

    traductor google:
    not bad , but they should let draw more, the person or persons drawing Usagi changed when in the street and when holding the scepter in the park and looks face close

  5. The back of Usagi’s Cosmic broach is colored wrong in the Blu-Ray version. The hinge part is correct (yellow), but the rest of the back is supposed to be pink.

  6. A lot of these, especially with Chibi Moon, look just as horrible…I can’t find a lot of good ones here, then again, considering how Crystal’s art for seasons 1 and 2 were poorly drawn…

    1. Oh go cry in the ANN Crystal thread…

      Funny looking back at how things panned out how the AD of this episode became character designer for S3 and changed things up even more (for worse).

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