6 thoughts on “Act 22: Hidden Agenda -NEMESIS-”

  1. did they still keep that ridiculous slow motion reunion between sailor venus and sailor moon, mercury, mars, and jupiter?

  2. It’s not much, but I’m okay with it. I like this animation director, because he’s a character designer and animator from Suite Precure and Doki Doki Precure (to all Precure fans out there).

  3. Sooo happy with act 21! This episode is a lost cause. I knew it wouldn’t change much, the episodes by this animation team are never corrected much.

  4. I just noticed that the stock footage of “Shine Snow Illusion!” used in this episode has been modified. In the simulcast, Mercury was wearing her visor, but the blu-ray/DVD release removed it. Since she wasn’t wearing it before the attack, this change makes sense.

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