Act 8: Minako -SAILOR V-

Act 8 has a collection of 75 changes. Two of those are motion, one of those changed part of a scene.

Away from image = Original Net Animation
Mouseover = Home Video/BluRay

Tap away from image/untouched = Original Net Animation
Tap on image = Home Video/BluRay

NOTE: Give some time for all the images to load.

The following below is a scene that has altered a bit, before returning to normal. No need for mouseover, as both versions are running at the same time.

And now, back to the mouseover pics.

5 thoughts on “Act 8: Minako -SAILOR V-”

  1. Some of the ONA screens look like bad fan art compared to the home video screens. I’m actually very happy with how most of these fixes look!

  2. It’s interesting because so many of the pieces are improved, but some of the shots *lost* definition in the edits. I’ll be interested to watch it all when it’s completed.

  3. I actually think some of the edits are a step backwards. Especially those where they finally managed to let Moon look like she’s in an aggressive fighting mode, and edited them back to dump small mouth pics.

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