Act 12: Enemy -QUEEN METALIA-

This episode has a total of 56 changes: 55 stills, 1 motion.

Usagi’s reaction movement was altered…

They changed this next one,  Mercury’s Hyperspactial Sphere barrier, as they disappear from command center, so it’s more Mercury’s power than it looked like it was formed by Beryl.

During Moon/Endymion’s parts of the fight, some shots didn’t show snow falling, in the ONA. The BluRay added the snow-falling part in.

But, take a look at this next 2 pics, as they forgot to color in part of Moon’s Odango tail, on the right, near her bun. The BluRay version fixed that.

They changed this next one from “wiping” them out to “disintegrate” them.

In the shot below, look at Jupiter’s arms closely.

14 thoughts on “Act 12: Enemy -QUEEN METALIA-”

  1. Wow!! Some fixes are great!
    Some are bleh haha but still appreciated
    It’s like the guys who correct the episodes want Mamo chan to look older than the guys who first draw the episode lol it always happens! They make him look a lot older haha

    They keep changing Usagi’s hair color.
    When crystal first started, Usagi’s hair was lighter than Minako’s (Minako’s was a bit more orange-ish). Then they changed Usagi’s hair to a darker blonde (more orange-isg) and now it looks more yellow.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  2. They didn’t fix the scenes where the Senshi are hurt by Metallia and their pupils are missing? Or is that the next Act?

    These changes leave A LOT to be desired. They’re not putting much effort, just changing stills. The animation still isn’t very fluid at all.

    If Toei is rushing out the blurays quickly after the episodes air, they’ll never have enough time to really add depth to the animation.

    Oh well, maybe there will be another Sailor Moon anime twenty years from now with quality animation.

    1. The senshi getting attacked by Metalia didn’t happen until Act 13. We’ll have to wait until next month to see if that gets fixed.

      1. Thank you! I hope it’s fixed because it’s so obvious and weird looking haha

        Thanks for all your hardcore posting the changes every month! I always look forward to them.

        1. I don’t see that scene weird looking at all.
          They didn’t miss their pupils. They just didn’t draw them.
          You can see this kind of drawing in other classic shoujo manga.

  3. I was hoping to see a change in the scene were Usagi destroyed Beryl’s necklace and she’s dying looking at Mamoru with one hand on her face and the other one pointing at him and she still has the necklace that is supposed to be destroyed! Is it still there with the necklace or not? Cause if it’s still there, that would be the biggest mistake because it’s not an improvement of quality, it’s a real mistake they didn’t fix.

    1. Yeah. Unfortunately, that has not been addressed on the BluRay edition, and the necklace appearing, after it was destroyed, didn’t get fixed.

      Sorry to disappoint you. 🙁

  4. Did someone notice after sailor moon destroy Beryl,s Necklace, the necklace appears again, didi the Blu-ray version fixed that?

  5. Just wanted to point out in the “missing hair color” fix, it’s not that they forgot to -color- her hair, it’s that they didn’t draw it at all. That is her shoulder.

  6. Is Mercury’s microphone piece long or short??

    One episode made it short, but this episode has it long again.

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