Pre-order Update (12/18/15)

Another volume has been pre-ordered!

Volume 9 is bought for (having me pay $70.80, since Paypal’s currency exchange updates weekly…which started pretty bad, and it’s currently under $69 per yen, today. BAD PAYPAL!)

Anyway, we’re now covered until June, 2015! YAY! 😀

I get paid tomorrow, so I’ll wait until next Tuesday, to pre-order Volume 10, since the USD-to-YEN exchange is going up…and PayPal doesn’t update their rate until then!


We’re on Kotaku!

From a little project, that started on twitter/tumblr, a couple months ago, to something much more. And it’s all thanks to you…the fans.

I’ve seen the fixed derped-Usagi face shots being re-tweeted on twitter or reblogged on tumblr, and wanted to thank you all for posting them, showing the world that the animation–Toei, in particular–does make the series better on home video.

And now, we made news on Kotaku!

A special thanks to Patricia Hernandez, for posting this, and @meowrobot, for referring me to her…with the pics, of course. 😛

You can check out the story here.


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